Combivent Respimat



The inhaler Combivent Respimat is an inhaler that has the function of a drug dosing. Its components are ipratropium and albuterol. They are bronchodilators. They allow the airways muscles to relax, thus increasing the airflow into the lungs.

Combivent inhaler helps patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease to avoid bronchospasms.

If you are allergic to ipratropium, albuterol or atropine, then you should not use Combivent Respimat.

You should tell your doctor if you experience any heart problems, the diseases of coronary artery, high blood pressure, heart rhythm disorder, diabetes, overactive thyroid, convulsions, glaucoma, trouble urinating, kidney or liver diseases and enlarged prostate.

If you noticed, that the drug’s action has changed, then immediately seek medical help. Avoid overdosing, as an excessive use of ipratropium and albuterol may lead to fatality. You must take the dose that the doctor assigned to you.

Before using Combivent find out whether it is harmless to you. You should inform the doctor, if you suffer from the following diseases: glaucoma, heart diseases, epilepsy, thyroid disease, diabetes, coronary artery disease, also high blood pressure.

There is no information about the effect of Combivent on an unborn child. So, if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant, then you should tell your doctor about it. Albuterol and ipratropium can get into the breast milk and be harmful to the baby. Therefore, during the lactation period, you should not use this medication.

The inhaler Combivent is contraindicated to people under 18.

Over The Counter Combivent

They don't sell Combivent otc. The only option to get Combivent without prescription is to order it at the online pharmacy. Usually online pharmacies sell Generic Combivent, which is available over the counter, and, moreover, it is much cheaper that the brand one.

Method of Usage

  1. Before using the inhaler don’t shake it.
  2. Open the inhaler mouthpiece and put it into your mouth, making a breath out before. Close your eyes, not to let the medication to get into your eyes. Make a slow breath in, pushing the inhaler dose button. Hold the breathing 10 seconds and then make a slow breath out.
  3. Close the inhaler cover and do not open until the next inhalation.
  4. Clean your inhaler once a week.

Take the Combivent inhaler according to the instructions for use and according to the doctor’s prescription. Do not take this drug at the dosage that is higher or smaller than your doctor has assigned, as this can lead to dangerous side effects. Combivent should be taken 4 times a day according to the prescribed dosage.

Combivent inhaler is produced with the instructions for the effective use and the instructions on the inhaler filling. If you have any questions, contact the doctor.

Control the number of inhalations that you do. After 120 inhalations, or three months of using the drug, throw away the inhaler container. To get the desired effect, use Combivent continuously. When refilling the inhaler, follow the instructions. Try to get the doctor's prescription before the medicine ends.

If you notice that the action of the drug has changed or if you observe any unusual health state, then immediately consult the doctor.

Combivent inhaler should be stored at room temperature in a dry, clean and dark place away from the heat, as it can damage the container.

The usual dose for the adults with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease): 1 inhalation 4 times per day. If necessary, patients may take additional doses of the drug, but remember that the maximum number of inhalations per 1 day should not be more than 6 within 24 hours.

If you missed a dose, so take it, when you remember about it.

Remember, that overdose may lead to death. If you overdosed, immediately seek medical care.


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