• Type: Control
  • Manufacturer: GSK
  • Substance: Fluticasone
  • Dosage: 44 mcg, 110 mcg, 220 mcg
  • Avg Price: $198

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The drug Flovent HFA is also known as Fluticasone, a steroid, helping to prevent the release of the substances which cause inflammation in the organism.

The drug Flovent HFA is intended for the prevention of asthma attacks and it is not used to treat the begun asthma attacks. For this purpose you should take quick-acting drugs. Sometimes Flovent HFA can be used in combination with oral steroid drugs.

Flovent HFA can be taken by children of the age older than 4 years and adults.

If you have an allergic reaction to Fluticasone and milk proteins, then you are not allowed to take Flovent in the form of powder for inhalations.

Before taking this drug you must be sure, that it is safe for you. It is necessary to consult your doctor and to tell the doctor if you have ever experienced the following symptoms: a weak immune system; liver diseases; eyes infections (herpes); tuberculosis; any types of infections; glaucoma and cataracts; infections caused by any parasites.

Continuous steroids intake can cause osteoporosis. You should discuss potential risk for your health with your doctor.

The influence of Flovent HFA on an unborn baby is not studied, so you should tell your doctor if you are pregnant, plan to become pregnant or breastfeed a baby.

Method of Application

Flovent is represented in a liquid form of Fluticasone. The drug is taken with an inhaler. If you do not know how to use the inhaler device, then ask your doctor about it.

Powder types of Fluticasone are ArmonAir, Flovent Diskus and Arnuity Ellipta. They are taken with the help of an inhaler, produced with the packs filled with the drug Fluticasone doses. Before the inhalation you should open the devise and load the drug, according to the instructions. There is no need to use a spacer with the disk device.

If before taking Flovent HFA you took any steroids, then don’t finish taking them at once. Firstly you should consult with your doctor.

If you have noticed that your symptoms became worse, or that your medication doesn’t work in two weeks of taking it, then stop taking Flovent and ask your doctor about another drug.

You shouldn’t use the device anymore if the dose counter is at zero.

The drug Flovent should be stored in a place, inaccessible to children, away from the heat, light and moisture, at room temperature.

If you missed a dose, then take the drug when it is the time of your next dose. Never change the dosage yourself. Take the drug, as it is prescribed by your doctor.

While taking the drug avoid any contacts with sick people.

Side Effects

If you observe any signs of allergy, such as rashes, breathing problems or swelling of the face, seek medical help immediately.

You may experience the following side effects: liver problems; asthma symptoms worsening; problems with vision, pain in the eyes; shortness of breath, breathing disorder; a feeling of fatigue, severe weakness, vomiting, nausea; inflammation of the blood vessels, cough, stomach ache, weight loss, chest pain, skin rash.

General side effects: severe headache; stomach disorder, nausea and vomiting; hoarse voice; chest tension, low temperature, wheezing, coughing; ulcers and white spots in the mouth and throat.

The list of side effects is not complete, so for more information you should contact your doctor.

Ask your doctor which substances and drugs should not be taken with Flovent HFA and do not take them during treatment, as they can adversely affect the action of your medication and increase the risk of serious side effects.


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