Ipratropium Bromide

Ipratropium Bromide

The medication Ipratropium Bromide is a drug, intended for the bronchospasm prevention and narrowing lungs airways, thus improving breathing problems within patients, suffering from COPD or emphysema. It is a bronchodilator, which helps to increase the flows of the air into the lungs.

The drug Ipratropium Bromide is also known as Ipratropium Inhalation.

If you suffer from glaucoma, then you should consult the doctor before taking this drug.

The drug Ipratropium is taken only for the prevention of a bronchospasm, so if you have a bronchospasm, which has already begun, this drug will not help you and it is necessary to take fast-acting medications.

Never use this drug, if you have an allergy to Atropine, Ipratropium and any drug components.

Discuss it with your doctor, is you suffer from an enlarged prostate, urination disorder, bladder obstruction or narrow-angle glaucoma, make sure that this medication is safe for you.

You should inform the doctor about your health and tell whether you are pregnant, plan a pregnancy, or if you are breastfeeding.

Method of Application

The drug has the instructions for a safe use. Follow all the instructions and your doctor’s recommendations while using the drug.

Before using it, make sure, that the inhaler is filled with a medication and always try to get the doctor’s recipe before your inhaler is empty. Pump two test sprays into the air before the first taking. Do it each time if you do not use the inhaler more than 3 days. The inhaler should be cleaned once a week, according to the instructions.

If you think that your medication does not work and your symptoms get worse, consult your doctor immediately. 

The inhaler should be stored in a dry, cool, clean place, away from the heat, at room temperature, in a place inaccessible for children. Don’t use the inhaler anymore, if the dose indicator is at zero. It means that no more doses are left.

In the case if you missed the time of taking the dose of your medication, take the dose when you remember about it, but if it is almost the time of your next dose, then skip the missed one and take the drug as it was planned.

In the case of getting the medicine into your eyes, rinse your eyes with water.

Adult medication dose for COPD:

Aerosol inhalation: 2 inhalations 4 times per day.
Nebulizer inhalation solution: 500 mcg 3-4 times per day in a time interval of 6-8 hours.
Pediatric medication dosage for COPD:

Nebulizer inhalation solution: children over 12 years old: 3-4 times a day per 6-8 hours.

Consult your doctor about the application of the drug and the dosage, appropriate for you.

Side Effects

If, taking the drug, you observe allergic reactions, such as problems with breathing, face and throat swelling, hives, seek medical help.
If you observe any negative symptoms, immediately contact your doctor. Taking the drug Ipratropium may cause the occurrence of the following side effects: your symptoms worsening, urination problems, pain in the eyes and a bronchospasm occurrence after taking the drug.

General side effects: flu symptoms, body pain, fever; dizziness, severe headache, runny nose, dry mouth, coughing; stomach disorder, constipation, nausea.

The list of the possible side effects isn’t complete. You should consult your doctor about all possible side effects, which may occur. Also ask your doctor about the medicines that can affect Ipratropium and don’t take them during treatment with Ipratropium. Always follow all the doctor’s instructions.