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Asthma Attack Symptoms

Asthma Attack Symptoms

Today, a large number of people suffer from asthma. It is a chronic respiratory disease, which can provoke an inflammation of the lungs airways. As a result, the air movement inside and out is difficult and there is a high probability of an asthma attack.

If you are suffering from asthma, then you should know exactly that an asthma attack can come suddenly and unexpectedly. It can happen at any time and in any place, so you should be always ready to cope with it or to relieve it. With an offensive asthma attack, you can feel the following symptoms: high tension in your chest, you begin coughing and wheezing very much and can’t stop it. As a result of the attack, the airways muscles begin to narrow rapidly, their lining begins swelling. Also, dense mucus begins to be secreted and this prevents you from breathing. Your breathing, in this case, is very difficult and hard.

You should exactly know the symptoms that precede an asthma attack in order to suppress it in time and do it in a correct way. You can observe some sudden changes in your health that will warn you about the coming asthma attack.

These changes usually manifest in the following symptoms: strong and continuous coughing (especially at night), insomnia and sleeping problems, difficult breathing and the loss of breathing, difficult breathing after physical exertion, strong sensitivity, lower indicator of your PEF (peak expiratory flow).

To stop or weaken an asthma attack, it is necessary to follow the asthma action instructions, which are given in your individual asthma treating plan.

The occurrence of any symptoms of an asthma attack can make you feel uncomfortable while doing your daily activities. At the time of the asthma attack, you may experience shortness of your breathing and quick short breaths, when breathing you may observe a whistling sound. You may have a strong continuous cough that can’t be stopped. A tension feeling and the feeling of the lungs contraction may appear in the chest.

If these symptoms appear, you should immediately use your inhaler. It is also very important and necessary to remain calm and not to lose your temper. Unnecessary panic may prevent you from doing the right actions and in this case you may harm yourself.

Try to control your health state. If you feel that your state is getting worse, then you should immediately follow the emergency instructions in your actions plan during asthma attacks.

When you feel the worsening asthma attack symptoms, you should immediately seek medical help. Worsening symptoms of asthma attack are the following: whistling during breathing inside and outside your body, a feeling of panic and high excitement, coughing that can’t be stopped, the feeling of tightness in the muscles of your chest area, sweating and paleness of your face, walking difficulty or speech disorder.

After the suppression of the asthma attack, you may have a feeling of extreme fatigue. There is a high probability that within the next few days there may be a chance of the occurrence of another asthma attack. In such a case, you should follow the instructions for suppressing an asthma attack and monitor the symptoms mentioned above.

Try to protect yourself and always watch your health. It is important to follow all the instructions for fighting asthma and take all necessary medications, prescribed by the doctor, on time. Always use your PFM (Peak Flow Meter) when necessary and try to avoid the actions that can provoke the occurrence of an asthma attack.