Metered-Dose Inhaler

Metered-Dose Inhaler
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A metered dose inhaler (MDI) - a special device, used to pass a necessary number of a drug into the patient’s lungs during an inhalation. It is produced as an aerosolized medication, used by the patients, suffering from asthma and the diseases, related to it.

A metered dose inhaler is an inhaler that belongs to a group of pressure inhalers. It is equipped with a spray nozzle which is used to spray the medication.

Application Method

The metered dose inhaler has a leaflet with instructions for use. The patients should strictly follow the following instructions when taking the drug. The Asthma Society of Canada, which aim is to monitor the state of health and life of people suffering from asthma, proposes the patients to apply the spacer, using their own puffers, if they have such a possibility. If it is impossible in some cases and there is a necessity to use it without a spacer, so it is necessary to follow the recommendations:

Before the drug intake you should shake the puffer two or three times, carefully take off the lid. Then exhale the air from your mouth, pushing away the puffer and lift the puffer to your mouth, inserting it between the teeth, then close your mouth around the puffer. Slowly breathe in the medication, once pressing the tip of the puffer, continue breathing in until having the complete breath. Then get the puffer out of your mouth, holding the breath for aproximately 10 seconds. Just after that you may breathe out.

If you need to inhale one more time, you should to do it in 30 seconds. Shake your inhaler again and repeat the actions mentioned above. After the use, you should rinse your mouth and write down the exact number of the breaths you’ve done, in the case, if your inhaler does not have a special dose counter. It is important to know the exact number of inhalations you’ve made, in order to know the time when your inhaler should be filled again. You should keep your puffer at room temperature.

How to Clean the Metered Dose Inhaler?

Nowadays there are many kinds of inhalers. They are different and can have different recommendations for cleaning and the method of storage. You should follow all the instructions that are applied to your personal inhaler. Keep your inhaler at room temperature and keep the cap on when the inhaler is not used. If you need to use the MDI every day, it should be changed every 12 months.

Using the metered dose inhaler, it is important to follow the important tips:

  • At first, you should keep your MDI in a place that is quickly accessible and good to you, but so that it couldn’t be accessible to children.
  • You should talk to your doctor about using MDI and show him how you use the inhaler to make sure that you are doing it in a right way.
  • You should know that MDI should be stored at room temperature. If it gets cold, you can warm it with your hands.
  • Do not pierce or tear a container and if you need to warm it up, use only your hands and not anything else.
  • When you start using MDI, you should write down the right date on the tank.
  • Before using the inhaler, you should verify the date of expiration and be sure that it is good for being used.

When you faced any problems, connected with using the MDI, you should immediately consult the doctor. He will give you all necessary recommendations about the application method or prescribe you another inhaler.

Sometimes it is recommended to use a special gasket or a restraint device with your MDI.

Don’t put the inhaler into the water. Always keep it dry.

Dosage Info

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