Ventolin and Weight Gain

Ventolin and Weight Gain

Asthma is a chronic disease which symptoms can be controlled through the use of an inhaler. Many people are concerned about the question of whether the use of an inhaler affects the weight and contributes to weight gain.

People suffering from asthma often use inhalers, as using an inhaler can help to reduce the symptoms of asthma when an asthma attack occurs.

The effect of the inhaler on the weight of a patient depends on a specific medication, which your inhaler contains.

The drug Ventolin works by relaxing the muscles in the human’s lungs. It helps to open the airways and provides more oxygen to get into the lungs. The medication in the inhaler contains corticosteroids, which help to alleviate inflammation in the patient’s organism. As for steroids, there may be other types of steroids, the doses of which vary depending on the type of the medication and the type of the pump in the inhaler.

The steroids that can be found in your medication help to prevent inflammation. They also can affect your metabolism and increase the appetite. The probability of weight gain increases depending on what your daily medication dose is. The higher the dose is, the greater the probability that you will gain weight.

Medical experts say that inhalers contain too small amount of steroids that are not able to affect the weight of the patient. Steroids enter the lungs by inhalation. This means that only a minimal dose of the steroids enters the human’s bloodstream, which does not affect the patient's organism.

As for weight gain, it should be noted that there are other factors that are not related to medications. One of the factors is the decrease in physical activity. If a person suffers from asthma, then he can avoid physical activity to prevent the possibility of an occurrence of an asthma attack.

Digestion may be affected by the influence of certain medications that lead to poor appetite or the abuse of unhealthy foods. According to this, if people want to maintain a healthy weight, they should lead a healthy way of life and take the right medications.

If you want to avoid weight gain during your treatment, then you should in no case skip the medication intakes, as this may cause worse consequences. You should consult with your doctor about your treatment, and also ask the doctor about the recommended physical exercises that will help you to be fit and not gain weight.

Thus, it can be concluded that the steroids that enter the human body through inhaling the medication can affect in different ways for different people. If you want to have effective treatment, you should consult your doctor and warn your doctor about your weight gain.

There are some healthy weight management recommendations for people suffering with asthma, who do not want to gain weight during the treatment.

First of all, you should not avoid physical exercises. You can play sports even if you have asthma. You just need to find the right exercises suitable for you. People with asthma can live a full life if they receive the right therapy.

You should maintain a proper diet. Try to eat more vegetables and grains, and drink plenty of water. Avoid eating fast food and don’t eat at night.

Try to restrain your appetite if you experience increased hunger. It is also recommended to consult with a nutritionist, who can help you with an appropriate diet.

Even if you have any problems with weight gain never stop using your medications. Do not skip drug intakes without consulting a doctor.

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