Ventolin Inhaler Recall

Ventolin Inhaler Recall

The inhaler Ventolin is an inhaler, which is intended for the rapid reduction the symptoms of asthma. Many people, who suffer from asthma conditions, choose to replace their habitual inhalers with the inhaler Ventolin, which helps to relieve asthmatic symptoms in a short period of time during an asthma attack.

Nowadays, there is a problem of the production of inhalers, which can’t provide the patient with the required number of the medication doses. The MHRA drug agency issued a warning for the patients suffering from asthma, which mentions reviews about two inhaler batches. They are affected batches that are produced by Glaxo Wellcome UK Limited. These lots are considered to be affected and the patients who have purchased inhalers Ventolin from these batches have noticed that when using such an inhaler to reduce asthma symptoms their symptoms were not improved. If you have purchased the inhaler Ventolin and noticed that when using it your asthma symptoms do not decrease and are not alleviated, then you should immediately consult the doctor or seek immediate medical help. If you have purchased such an affected Ventolin inhaler, you do not need to discard it, because such an inhaler should be returned to the pharmacist and then it will be replaced with the correct one.

It also became known that there is one batch of the inhalers Ventolin that has been removed from the use in the pharmacies, hospitals and, in general, from medical trading market. It is a batch of the inhalers Seretide Accuhaler, which were indicated for the prevention treatment of asthmatic conditions. The inhalers from this lot do not work and do not give any effect when used, so in case of purchasing such an inhaler, it will be replaced by your pharmacist.

It should be noted that the Seretide Accuhaler is intended for the prevention and control of asthma symptoms and is not aimed for the emergency help to a patient during an asthma attack.

Patients suffering from asthma conditions should be very careful when purchasing their inhaler, as it is known that one of the affected batches of Seretide and two affected batches of Ventolin Accuhaler somehow got and were distributed in the medical market of Great Britain.

Moreover, among the Ventolin inhalers produced, only a small number of units are faulty, and other inhalers, including the commonly used Ventolin Evohaler inhalers, are not faulty and they are completely safe to use.

Medical experts and doctors always warn their patients who use inhalers for the treatment of asthma. It is very important that the patients should check their inhaler at the time of purchase to find out whether it is not affected. The patients should be sure that they are buying a safe medication and that their treatment will be effective. In the case with inhalers, this is very important aspect, because many people use their inhaler to suppress an asthma attack when the medication must work immediately and if it is ineffective, it can be dangerous for the patient. If this happens, the patient should seek medical help immediately.

If you have purchased the inhaler Ventolin Accuhaler and noticed that the inhaler does not work or its work is not effective, then you should take this inhaler to your pharmacy or talk to your pharmacist who should substitute it with a new one.

Remember that if you experience any problem connected with the operation of your inhaler, it is strongly recommended to talk to your doctor or the pharmacist about it.

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