Wixela is used to prevent and control conditions caused by lung disease and asthma. It contains salmeterol and fluticasone. The drug helps to relax the breathing muscles and makes breathing easier. Patients with asthma get a prescription for Wixela if combination therapy is needed or if other medications fail to relieve asthma symptoms.

Read the instructions and learn how to use the medicine correctly before taking it. The device should be used regularly according to the instructions. It is usually used in the morning and in the evening. The period between doses is about 12 hours. The inhaler is held vertically and horizontally, or only horizontally (it depends on the brand).

You should not try to disassemble or wash the parts of the inhaler yourself. It must be closed after each intake. The correct dose of the medication is determined by the doctor, as it depends on health characteristics of a patient.

If you are using any other medicine during the therapy, then do not stop taking it, as your health condition may worsen. During the entire treatment, be under the doctor’s supervision.

Side Effects

Many patients do not experience any adverse reactions. However, the use of Wixela can cause the following: irritated throat, hoarse voice, indigestion, and headache. If you are overly concerned about them, then you should consult your doctor. If the doctor has chosen this medicine for you, then it is decided that the benefits to your health will be greater than the possible risk from negative reactions.

Check your blood pressure throughout the use of Wixela, as there is a risk of blood pressure increase. Unlikely but dangerous symptoms that require immediate medical attention include: fever, sore throat and other symptoms of infection, white spots in the mouth and tongue, mood swings, mental disorders, insomnia, muscle cramps, intense thirst , visual disturbances, chest pain, cramps, loss of consciousness, heart problems, signs of allergies (edema, rash, breathing problems, dizziness).


You must inform your doctor about your complete medical history. If you suffer from diabetes, thyroid disorders, liver disease, vision problems, or infection, then this medication may not be suitable for you.

It is also important for your doctor to know if you are allergic to any drug or substance, especially if you are allergic to salmeterol or fluticasone, milk protein or lactose. Ask your doctor for a complete list of side effects and interactions to avoid negative effects.

Wixela can affect infection symptoms. This drug is not recommended for older people with COPD. Long-term use of the drug among young children can slow down their growth.

If you are taking Wixela, then visit your doctor regularly and tell him about any changes in your health. Do not give this medicine to other people and keep it in a safe place. Take it according to all your doctor's recommendations. Make sure that your inhalation is always full and try to get your doctor's prescription on time to fill it out.


Some products in combination with Wixela can affect the drug action and lead to severe adverse reactions. A list of all products, supplements, prescription and non-prescription drugs that you take should be written and shown to the doctor. Until your doctor recommends, do not stop taking or change the dosage of your drugs or products. Ask your doctor for complete information on the medicine, its method of application, possible side effects and drugs interactions.


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