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Essential Oils for Asthma

Essential Oils for Asthma

Today medicine is at a very high level and development. The methods of treating various diseases are changing, the choice of drugs and methods of treatment become wider. In spite of this, many people choose natural healing and use essential oils for their treatment, as the oils really have many beneficial properties that can help in the treatment of some diseases, such as, for example, asthma. In this case, there is no direct treatment with essential oils, but they can help to relieve many of the symptoms caused by the inflammation of the airways during asthma, such as wheezing, chest tension, shortness of breath, and others.

With the help of essential oils, it is possible to reduce inflammation, which is the cause of asthma attacks, to expand the airways, and relieve other symptoms.

There are some effective variants for using essential oils to treat asthma symptoms. 

One of the most widely used essential oils is lavender. It has some soothing and relaxing properties. People with asthma often use lavender essential oil to fight the airways inflammation and the symptoms caused by the inflammation.

One more essential oil that can reduce the symptoms of asthma is peppermint, a natural antihistamine and a decongestant. It is very effective in the allergy season, when the air is full of allergens.

Tea tree oil is also very effective. It is an excellent expectorant, which helps to improve breathing and can reduce the common asthma symptoms.

The oil that has a very recognizable flavor is eucalyptus. Eucalyptus oil can break down mucous membranes and phlegm, which may cause the airways clogging. Applying the essential oil of eucalyptus can solve breathing problems.

Asthmatics can also try chamomile essential oil. This oil acts as an antispasmodic, it helps to reduce muscle contraction in the body, limit swollen airways and improve breathing.

Clove oil also can be used among people, suffering from asthma. It is very effective. It reduces inflammation, eases muscle spasms, and also facilitates breathing.

Above there are only a few variants of essential oils, which are well accessible to those who experience asthma. None of them will act instantly and each can act differently. You should wait some time and try to find the oils that most positively affect your symptoms of asthma.

The knowledge about essential oils is only a small step towards achieving the goal. You should use them and choose among them to get the result.

There are some ways of using essential oils:

  1. You can add a few oil drops in the oil carrier. This is useful for creating mixtures of several oils. Once they are created, you can rub them on the chest area to get healthy airways.
  2. Pour a few drops of one of the oils onto a warm, wet towel. Then inhale the vapors of the towel until it gets cold. Repeat these actions until the symptoms of your asthma reduce.
  3. It is very useful to inhale the pairs of essential oils by pouring a few drops of the oil in a container with boiling hot water.
  4. You can use an oil diffuser to spread the oils in the room air. It is good with chamomile, lavender and cloves.

It is important, that if you have a severe form of asthma, you should always consult your doctor, tell him about all the symptoms that you experience. You should discuss with your doctor the using of essential oils. You will be convinced that these remedies do take place in today’s medicine, although at the beginning of the treatment, very few people take them into account.