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Difference Between Symbicort and Alvesco

Symbicort and Alvesco are asthma inhalers both of Control type. Symbicort and Alvesco are both brand inhalers. Symbicort and Alvesco are both manufactured by pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. The main substances of Symbicort are Budesonide and Formoterol. The main substance of Alvesco is Ciclesonide. The available dosages for Symbicort are 100/6, 160/4.5, 200/6, 400/6. The available dosages for Alvesco are 80 mcg, 160 mcg .

Cost of Symbicort vs Alvesco

The average price of brand Symbicort is $359. The average price of brand Alvesco is $270.

Symbicort vs Alvesco Side Effects

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Symbicort vs Alvesco Comparsion Table

Symbicort Alvesco
Type: Control Control
Manufacturer: AstraZeneca AstraZeneca
Substance: Budesonide + Formoterol Ciclesonide
Dosage: 100/6, 160/4.5, 200/6, 400/6 80 mcg, 160 mcg
Avg Price: $359 $270