Advair vs Wixela

Advair vs Wixela

What to choose Advair or Wixela

In 2019 it was announced that Wixela inhalers were approved by the FDA as a drug to suppress negative reactions caused by asthma. It is expected that the cost of these inhalers will be significantly lower than the price of similar medicines, and this will greatly facilitate the life of people suffering from asthma, who must always have an inhaler with them in order to use it when necessary to improve asthma symptoms.

If you have been using other inhaler for a long time, but would like to change it, then you should first contact your doctor and find out if this will be acceptable for your health. It is also recommended to contact the insurance company and consult about the cost of the medicine to you.

Wixela is similar to the Advair Diskus inhaler. They are both filled with dry powder medicine, which includes two the same medicines in the same doses, so each subsequent filling of the bottle is not a problem. However, the devices themselves have some differences. Unlike Advair Diskus, the Wixela inhaler has a vertical mechanism.

Clinical Trials

Conducting clinical trials always contributes to the pharmaceutical market development. They help to improve the knowledge on various allergic diseases, to find answers for many questions.

Asthma is a complex and dangerous disease that has not yet been fully understood, and each new step in the work on the fight against it is a great success, especially for the patients, who live with it and fight every day for their lives. The asthma medications available today do not provide a complete cure for the disease. However, they can relieve severe asthma symptoms and restore breathing, which is very important.

Clinical trials with Wixela inhalers were successful, which led Wixela being licensed for use in the United States.

Wixela Inhub and Advair Diskus

According to, Wixela Inhub is an option and alternative to the Advair Diskus inhaler. Both devices include a combination medicine of two types in a dry powder form.

The medication is intended for patients with asthma aged 4 years and older. It is usually used in the morning and in the evening as a maintenance therapy for asthma. The combination medicine helps to reduce exacerbated symptoms within people with COPD.

Both inhalers are used to manage health conditions and relieve asthma and COPD symptoms. Patients should be aware that these devices are not intended for patients with severe bronchospasms. In this case, other drugs that can treat this condition are needed.

Advair Diskus (approved by the FDA in 2000) and Wixela Inhub (approved by the FDA in 2019) come in the form of inhalers that include a powder medication in different dosages of fluticasone propionate and salmeterol. In this case, the dosage of salmeterol in all variants is unchanged and amounts to 50 μg, and fluticasone propionate can be from 100 to 500 μg. Therefore, before using the inhaler, you should consult with your doctor about the correct dosage, as it depends on a number of the patient’s characteristics.

Usage Tips

Read the instructions for using the device carefully. Keep the inhaler closed after each intake. Use it as directed by your doctor. Make sure that your inhaler is always filled, as you may need it at any moment. Try to get a doctor's prescription for refilling your inhaler with medication in advance.

Do not take the inhaler apart. Do not try to wash the parts of the inhaler. You may damage it. Store it in a dry, dark place out of reach of children and pets.

Advair and Wixela Comparison

Wixela vs Advair
Advair Wixela
Type: Control Control
Manufacturer: GSK Viatris
Substance: Fluticasone + Salmeterol Fluticasone + Salmeterol
Dosage: 100/50, 250/50, 500/50 250/50
Avg Price: $166 $240