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Ventolin vs Formoterol


What to choose Ventolin or Formoterol

Ventolin is inhaler of type Rescue while Formoterol is of Control type. Ventolin is a brand inhaler, manufactured by the company GSK. Formoterol is just a substance that inhaler can contain. Formoterol is contained in the following inhalers:

The main substance of Ventolin is Albuterol. The available dosage for Ventolin is 100 mcg.

The average price of brand Ventolin is $30.

Ventolin and Formoterol Comparison

Ventolin vs Formoterol
Ventolin Formoterol
Type: Rescue Control
Manufacturer: GSK -
Substance: Albuterol
Dosage: 100 mcg -
Avg Price: $30 -

Generic Ventolin Price

Ventolin Price
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