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Difference Between Proair and Qvar

Proair is an asthma inhaler of type Rescue while Qvar is of Control type. Proair and Qvar are both brand inhalers. Proair and Qvar are both manufactured by pharmaceutical company Teva. The main substance of Proair is Albuterol. The main substance of Qvar is Beclomethasone. The available dosages for Proair are 90mcg, 108mcg. The available dosages for Qvar are 40 mcg, 80 mcg.

Cost of Proair vs Qvar

The average price of brand Proair is $67. The average price of brand Qvar is $276.

Proair vs Qvar Side Effects

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Proair vs Qvar Comparsion Table

Proair Qvar
Type: Rescue Control
Manufacturer: Teva Teva
Substance: Albuterol Beclomethasone
Dosage: 90mcg, 108mcg 40 mcg, 80 mcg
Avg Price: $67 $276