Atrovent vs Albuterol

Atrovent vs Albuterol

What to choose Atrovent or Albuterol

Asthma is one of the most common diseases in the world today. It is a complex disease characterized by certain symptoms. A person with asthma faces severe respiratory distress that must be constantly monitored and suppressed. Otherwise, there can be dangerous consequences.

There are a lot of drugs that are aimed at combating the reactions in the body occurring due to asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). They all have a similar nature of action, but may differ in the composition and form of the medicine. The drugs produced in the form of inhalers have shown the greatest efficiency in the treatment of bronchospasms. The medicines that help to restore breathing faster are bronchodilators. This article will focus on bronchodilator drugs Atrovent and Albuterol.

First of all, they are two effective medicines for preventing and suppressing breathing problems during asthma and COPD. They help to relieve bronchospasms and widen the airways to allow more air to enter.

It seems that due to the similarity in actions, these drugs are the same, but this is not entirely true. They have the same principle of action on bronchospasm, but they belong to different types of drugs.

Albuterol belongs to the group of sympathomimetic beta-agonist medicines, and Atrovent is a type of anticholinergic drug. The features of their action are different, although they lead to similar results.

During a bronchospasm, the airway narrows, obstructing the flow of the air. The patient, deprived of the required amount of oxygen, begins to experience shortness of breath and cough. If the patient does not inhale and take the medicine on time, then these conditions can lead to serious and even dangerous consequences. As a result of taking the medicine, the muscles of the respiratory tract relax, and the obstacle to the air mass disappears, the person again gets the opportunity to breathe safely.

The inhaler Atrovent, contains the substance called ipratropium. It is the medicine that prevents the narrowing of the airways. Ipratropium takes its effect a couple of minutes after an inhalation and it can last up to 6 hours.

Albuterol inhalers generally have the same action duration as Atrovent, although they are a short-acting type of medication. Due to the correctly combined components in certain proportions, Albuterol is no less effective than Atrovent, however sometimes a higher daily dose of the drug and a more frequent number of inhalations per day may be required. It depends on the individual characteristics of the patient's health condition.

In some cases, the doctor may prescribe both of these medicines if separately they do not give the desired effect in the fight against bronchospasms. They can be combined, and for many patients such treatment becomes the most effective.

The doctor's recommendations on the use of the prescribed medication should be fully observed. It is important to observe the correct dosage and make inhalations on time. It is forbidden to independently change, increase or decrease the dose of the medicine. If you think that the drug is not working, or you feel unwell after using the inhaler, then first of all you need to see a doctor.

The intake of the medication in the form of inhalation can lead to the occurrence of some side effects, common of which include: dizziness, throat irritation, hoarseness of the voice. Rinse your throat after an inhalation, as if you do not do this, then an infection may develop in the throat.

Atrovent and Albuterol Comparison

Albuterol vs Atrovent
Atrovent Albuterol
Type: Rescue Rescue
Manufacturer: Boehringer Ingelheim -
Substance: Ipratropium
Dosage: 21 mcg -
Avg Price: $365 -