Ventolin HFA Expired

Ventolin HFA Expired

Using an expired drug Ventolin HFA is safe and effective for the adults and children, despite the fact that there are some warnings for people taking this drug. Not all medicines are effective after their expiration date has passed.

You should know that the action of the inhaler will be safe, effective and long if all the storage conditions will be followed, even if the expiration date has already passed. Usually, expiration dates for inhalers are written on the foil packaging or boxes. You can find the expiration date on the canister of the inhaler. You should contact your pharmacist and ask about the date when the last prescription was done, if you cannot find the expiration date on your inhaler. The duration of the inhaler work is considered to be passed in the case, if more than a year has passed since the last recipe was filled.

The drug manufacturers must set the time-frame during which their medications are most effective.

Medicines that have expired and not used for years must be thrown away. Never use such medications.

As a rule, the working period of the majority of the inhalers expires a year after its purchasing. Manufacturers cannot guarantee the safety of the drug if it has an expired expiration date. The safety and effectiveness of such a drug depends mainly on whether it is stored properly.

If you have a situation that requires using an inhaler, but your inhaler has expired, then you can use such an inhaler as an add-on, but until you get a new full inhaler. Try to find a new inhaler as soon as possible, because the expired one may not work properly.

In general, the majority of inhalers remain safe for about one year after the expiration date, in case if all the tips for storing the inhalers are observed. The inhalers that are often carried in bags, backpacks and wallets are subject to higher changes in temperature or humidity and such inhalers may be damaged. Such inhalers should be replaced when the expiration date has passed. Anyway, you should not risk your own health and use expired medications.

How to store the inhaler properly? The working time of the drug is determined by proper use and storage, since manufacturers evaluate possible environmental changes that may affect the state of the medication. The influence of the light, heat and humidity play an important role while storing the drug. The drug may deteriorate more quickly if the inhaler is exposed to these factors.

In order to increase the working time of the drug and prolong its effectiveness, you should follow a few tips on storing your inhaler. The first tip is the following: the inhaler should be stored in a cool dry place. As for the container, it must be protected from external influences of other objects. Remember that you must not store the container together with any piercing objects, because the canister is under pressure and in the case of its piercing, it can explode. If you carry the inhaler with you in your purse, then store the container in a soft bag. After using the inhaler, always replace the protective cap.

If you want your inhaler to be effective for a year after the expiration date, then you should know that a lot depends on how well the inhalers are stored. The inhalers can be very expensive, so it is important to store them properly in order to get long and effective use. If you have any doubts about the work of your inhaler, then get a new one and you will not risk your health when you need the immediate medication effect.

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